Command Description Example Aliases
!think Makes the bot generate a creative message from the messages sent in chat !think !markov
!automessages Toggles Automatic messages (sends messages automatically in the channel you ran this in) !automessages none
!messagedelay Sets the delay between every automatic message !messagedelay 1 none
!setprefix [prefix] Sets the prefix of all of the commands !setprefix $ none
!togglelog Toggles message logging (Used for !think) !togglelog none
!bobross Sends a picture of bob ross with a quote from him !bobross none
!say [message] Makes pie bot repeat your message !say Hello none
!ping returns your latency !ping none
!version returns the bot version !version none
!quickmaths 2+2=4-1 thats 3 quick maffs !quickmaths none
!info Bot Information !info none
!stats Bot Statistics !stats none
!scale Upscales the picture you upload (Must be a drawn picture) !scale none